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Do You Know?


 (a) That Bill Gates did not have enough money to start Microsoft Corporation.              But he had  courage. And he took action.

 (b) That the old proverb ‘patient dog eats the fattest bones’ is not true again. That time, there were many bones and few dogs, just as there were many jobs and few graduates. Today, patient dog starves to death. It is now  just as in the jungle, where every lion wakes up knowing it must outrun the slowest antelope or starve to death, and every antelope wakes up knowing that it must outrun the fastest lion or its is meat. It does not matter whether you are a lion or an antelope, before sunrise, start running practice!

What happens to you depends on WHAT You  Do or  Do not Do. First, take responsibility for yourselves and brace up for action, and stop blaming government or anybody, instead analyze yourself and the environment and take purposeful action.

 (c) That about eight million (?) graduates are unemployed in Nigeria is not news.  What will be news is what you do about it. That is the ACTION you take to convert the challenges to opportunities. 

What happens to you depends on WHAT YOU DO OR DO NOT DO. First, take responsibility for yourself and brace up for action, and stop blaming government or anybody. Instead analyze yourself to identify your areas of strength and your environment to identify opportunities.

Let us start by asking and answering four questions.

Who am I? (the first question you ask yourself)
  You are a graduate, young, healthy, energetic, imaginative and creative. You are free, have some knowledge and talent.   You have skills too. How well developed are the skills?  Am you ready to learn new things or more of what you know or get more experience? Am you ready to apply your talents to explore self-employment, instead of waiting and waiting for paid employment that may not exist?  How you answer those questions makes the difference. Your attitude is your greatest weapon or weakness. The attitude can save or sink you. The Choice is your. Hence Barack Obama said, "IF YOU THINK YOU CAN, YOU CAN; IF YOU THINK YOU CANNOT, YOU CANNOT".

Where am I? (the second question you ask yourself)
You are in Nigeria.  Nigeria has a population of about 170 million. It has about 217 tertiary educational institutions producing graduates. The graduates need jobs.  The table below shows two sectors of the economy (public and private sector). The table shows  the prospect for jobs in each sector. The table shows that opportunities for paid employment in public sector and organized private sector is limited. It also shows that many opportunities for self employment in unorganized   private sector.

Sector                Areas                          Prospects
Public           a). Armed Forces                Limited
                    b). Public Service (MDA)     Limited
                    c). Political apprenticeship    Limited
Private        a). Organized                      Limited
                    b). Further studies             Limited
                    c). Self employment &        Many
                        Entrepreneurship           opportunities                 
Everybody in Nigeria needs food, water, shelter, clothing. Some need to go to school, some fall sick. Some celebrate.  Nigerians need to travel . They build houses, It is therefore a big market. Nigeria is rich in mineral resources, forestry and agricultural resources, water resources, tourist resources, education opportunities, entertainment etc

Where do I  want to go? (Third question you ask yourself)
You want employment. What type of employment? In which sector are you looking for employment? What are your chances for employment in that sector? What is your plan B? Then make a choice as to the route you wish to travel?

How do I get there? (the fourth question you ask yourself)
You want to be self employed, but what should you do? You must prepare. What business should you choose?  Make a choice and take action. '... the firewood of this world is only for those who can take heart, and that is why not all can gather it...'
(Download a free E-book titles ‘Opportunities     for Self-employment in Nigeria).

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