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E-book “Opportunities for Self-Employment in Nigeria”.

Philip Kotler said ‘the world is too full of opportunities’. Equippers agree with Kotler and say ‘Nigeria is too full of opportunities for self employment.’ However, only those ‘equipped’ can see the opportunities. Nigerians that can see the opportunities, are unwilling to ‘check out’ and become slaves in other countries. If you want to be among the few, start by going through the table of content below:

Table of Contents
1.    Problems of Nigeria 
2.    Resources in Nigeria. Do you know that Nigeria …?
3.    Business Opportunities in Nigeria?
4.    Self employment?

1.    Problems of Nigeria
Ask any Nigerian (and even non-nigerians) the problems of Nigeria, they will give you a long list. Lack of food, housing, insecurity of life and property, unemployment, lack of opportunity for education for all, inadequate provision of roads, poor electricity, fuel shortages, and inadequate infrastructural facilities.

2.    Resources in Nigeria : Do you know that Nigeria ..

Is the largest commercial centre in Africa and has a population of 170 million. Everyone of 170m eat food, drink water, leave in a house, wear cloth and shoes, needs education, fall ill sometimes, celebrate, need security, need electricity. Some of them drive cars, or motor cycles or bicycles or fly

Has tropical climate and has enough arable land and rainfall to grow many food crops such as cassava, wheat, maize, potatoes, rice, millet, guinea corn, tomatoes etc. Yet, Nigeria imports food. Or tree crops as cocoa, palm trees, rubber,

Has, apart from oil, large deposits of mineral resources such as limestone for cement production, goal, granite, gold,

Has a very wide road network, wide coast line and water ways, railways,

And Nigerian read a lot of newspapers, magazines, newsletters, sing, dance, act, organize parties and ceremonies,

Build houses, maintain the houses,

Watch football, movies, comedies,

3.    Business Opportunities in Nigeria
Somewhere in between the problems and resources are business opportunities in Nigeria.  In order to make the business opportunities visible, let us discuss them sector by sector.

Forestry and Agricultural Products
Nigerians lack food because we do not produce enough, so import  our food such as Rice, fish, flour, poultry, corn beef, tomato puree, spices, fruit juices, wines etc. Some of the foods we import, are produced in Nigeria, but we cannot process to preserve, they waste; mangoes, tomatos, cassava – Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava, yet

Road and Housing
Nigerians lack housing, especially in cities. This is because of lack of innovation. All the raw materials for building houses are abundant in Nigeria. Almost every Nigerian want to live in his own house. Nigerians

Education is in very high demand in Nigeria, at all levels. Pre-primary, primary, secondary, tertiary, adult education, off shore, online, open learning

Wearing apparels
The dress making industry is very vibrant as Nigerians are very fashionable people who love dress and shoes and asseccories.

Travel and Accomodation
By this we mean transportation intra and inter cities (long and short distances), air lines, taxis, motor cyclists, warehousing. Accomadation facilities, restaurants, cinemas,

Events and Entertainment
This is a big industry in Nigeria. Events managers, caterers, entertainers, organizers,

The equipment, Machines, computers  need servicing and maintenance
Information and Communication Technology

Manufacturing and Processing


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